Physical facilities are no longer required to generate access events!

Virtual Zones automate the access event generation working with our mobile readers (Alutel Mobile). 

Define geofences in the areas of interest using a map.  Every time a mobile device enters or exits a virtual zone an event is generated.

Define safety and hazardous zones

In cases of evacuation, it is important to know the location of each person and provide help to those who require it.  Our solution allows you to define zones in areas of interest and detect the number of people inside each zone in real time.  You can also track virtual zones live, allowing you to check the position of each person. 

Buses no longer need to stop at entrance gates

Enterprises need to solve the delays that occur when a bus arrives and the personnel needs to get off the bus to mark their entrance at the turnstile.

Alutel Mobility solves this situation by detecting the bus arrival into the Virtual Zone. It then generates an access event of each passenger in the zone.

This works by using a mobile reader in the bus. Every time a passenger gets on the bus they swipe their access card in the mobile reader and take a seat. Alutel Mobility takes care of the rest: it generates an access event each time a person gets on the bus, or arrives /leaves the virtual zone. 

Features and benefits

  • Physical facilities are not required: just use a map to define the zone
  • Live tracking: real-time monitoring of the Virtual Zone and each mobile associated with it. 
  • Access events depending on access rules: Grant or deny access to events depending on the access rules assigned to each person.
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    • Controllers
    • Readers
    • Wireless locks

    Geographic availability

    • North America
    • Latin America and the Carribean
    • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
    • Asia-Pacific

    Industry verticals

    • City-Wide Surveillance
    • Education
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • Gaming
    • Law Enforcement
    • Parking Enforcement
    • Retail
    • Stadiums and Open Spaces
    • Transportation

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    Genetec part number

    ○ One GSC-1SDK-ALUTEL-MobileAC per client workstation

    Alutel Mobility is a software company. The product lines spans from access control web platform to mobile readers. Our products includes visitor management, document management, mobile readers, virtual zones, lunch & canteen automation and interfacing of third party software such as intrusion, fire and access control system.

    Areas of application: Open Areas, Oil & Gas, Mining, Education, Transport, Mustering, Safety Zones, Evacuation.

    Contact information:
    20900 NE 30th Avenue , Suite 200.
    Aventura, FL, 33180 - United States
    [email protected]