Detects gunshots in under one second with zero false alerts

Guardian combines the world’s finest acoustic gunshot detection technology with infrared sensor muzzle flash detection to provide immediate detection and alerting with zero false alerts.

The integration between Security Center and Guardian Indoor Gunshot Detection enables customers to immediately react to a gunshot event and activate their emergency response.  Guardian Gunshot Detection leverages both audio and infrared (IR) detectors to immediately identify a gunshot event and its location, within Security Center. Create unique custom events and trigger immediate distress signals and emergency responses such as:

-Activate alarms
-Restrict access to key areas
-Trigger Mass Notification Systems
-Replay of shooting incident
-View floor plan with shooter’s location

SDS Gunshot Detection implements a one-way interface with Security Center to provide Custom Events and trigger Event-to-Actions. The result enables users to follow active shooter events in real-time through the map interface and live video to make informed decisions. Users can configure gunshot events to immediately change cardholder and visitor access rights and Event-to-Actions or Threat Levels to heighten security.

Protect any facility with Guardian

The Guardian technology is based on proven military gunshot detection applications created by the world’s foremost experts on acoustic detection. Guardian sensors immediately detect gunfire and simultaneously alert via multiple notification pathways, reducing response time and increasing situational awareness in an active shooting incident.

With the most indoor gunshot detection systems in use at customer sites with zero false alerts, SDS remains the gunshot detection solutions provider of choice, dedicated to superior products and satisfied customers across the globe.

The Guardian solution is appropriate for any facility and is in use at schools, healthcare, corporations, transportation, state & local government, sports & entertainment, manufacturing and more. 

Features and benefits

With Guardian sensors installed throughout your corporate campus, government or private building, this critical information can be relayed to the building's occupants - as well as emergency personnel outside - so that the proper steps can be taken to quickly control the situation. By removing the "human factor", nothing is left to interpretation and life-threatening delays can be avoided.

  • Fastest gunshot reporting product in the marketplace - under one second
  • All processing done within the sensor - no delay or "human in the loop"
  • Floor plan map of facility with instant shot location information
  • Easily integrated with leading-edge security platforms
  • No triangulation required
  • No calibration required
  • Data never leaves customer network
  • Requires extremely low bandwidth
  • Less than 1w power draw
  • Flush mounted on ceiling or wall; Surface mount for concrete/brick structures
  • Software simulation and training modes
  • US DHS SAFETY Act Certified
  • CPNI Approved for UK Government Use
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • ZERO False Alerts

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Geographic availability

  • North America

Industry verticals

  • Education
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Gaming
  • Law Enforcement
  • Retail
  • Transportation

Version and ordering information


Security Center 5.3 and later

SDS Security Center Connector Software V1.0.2 and later
SDS Gateway R 1.1.0 and later

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SDS Guardian Sensor
SDS Gateway Software
SDS Connector Software

Shooter Detection Systems is the industry's leading gunshot detection technology provider. SDS is focused on saving lives using proven, military-grade technology designed by the world’s foremost scientists. Developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and a leading defense contractor, SDS’ gunshot detection systems utilize advanced and proven shooter detection technologies available in the commercial market.

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System utilizes the world’s finest acoustic gunshot detection capability combined with infrared flash detection, alerting in under one second and with ZERO false alerts. Guardian is the only gunshot detection solution to be awarded SAFETY Act Certification by DHS and is approved for UK Government use by CPNI.

SDS is the recognized gunshot detection solution provider of choice, dedicated to superior products and satisfied customers in schools, corporations, public venues and government facilities worldwide.