Enhanced physical security and operational efficiency

Deister proxSafe is an electronic key and physical asset management system that controls access to a variety of assets including cabinets, weapon lockers, radio lockers and other physical assets.

With the deister proxSafe integration, you can now extend the capabilities of Security Center to include asset and key management, alongside access control and video surveillance. Efficiency and security are enhanced as organizations ensure critical assets are utilized by the right person at the right time and that they are returned on time. Events are monitored in real-time, consolidating key management with other security applications.

Security Center's proxSafe plugin improves security by helping users and operators visually identify cardholders associated with key management events. Daily administrative tasks such as assigning privileges, and scheduling and creating reports are also available. All this is possible by assigning access rights to assets secured by proxSafe to Security Center cardholders.

Higher education

Higher learning institutions need to protect and secure their assets. Electronic key and asset management systems help control access to these valuable assets. The integration of deister proxSafe with Security Center ensures that organizations can manage keys and equipment that are not physically secured with a traditional access control solution. It offers the ability to audit and report on their use or their loss against recorded video.


Healthcare compliance requirements raise concerns for staff and patient safety and privacy, demanding administrators and security departments to be able to run extensive audit trails. Healthcare organizations are then able to track access to critical areas and sensitive assets such as drug cabinets and high profile material and medical equipment. This leads to greater security and compliance.

Local government agencies

Facilities managers have to monitor an important amount of keys for everything that is not managed by Security Center. Use and return of keys need to be audited. Electronic key and asset management allows them to monitor critical equipment used by emergency responders and facilities personnel, ensuring the assets are in the hands of the right people.

Features and benefits

Here are examples of tasks that can be performed within the unified Security Center interface:
  • Centrally monitor and run reports on deister proxSafe events and notifications from Security Center’s unified interface
  • Automatically synchronize proxSafe entities and devices to Security Center 
  • Define cardholder access rights to proxSafe devices
  • View live or recorded video associated with proxSafe events and visually identify cardholders accessing a locker
  • Trigger and manage alarms based on proxSafe events
  • Grant access to physical assets when cardholders use their credentials at a proxSafe reader terminal
  • Manage door access and assets or keys including shared credentials and one-time enrollment
  • Maintain audit trail of physical keys and assets acquisition and return

In summary, the integration allows you to: 
  • Manage, monitor and secure your physical assets
  • Provide the operator advanced asset authorization and control
  • View video associated with key management activities

Solution Architecture

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  • Visitor Management

Geographic availability

  • North America
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Industry verticals

  • Education
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Law Enforcement

Version and ordering information


Security Center 5.4 SR3 and later versions

Genetec part number

GSC-1PProxSafeKey 1 deister proxSafe key management system plugin (5 proxSafe terminals per part

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