Genetec Security Center Integration with INTREPID Series II Systems

The Southwest Microwave INTREPID RPM II Plugin enables seamless integration between Southwest Microwave’s INTREPID Series II perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and the Genetec Security Center unified security platform.

The plugin reports device status, event and alarm information from INTREPID MicroPoint II fence detection system,  MicroTrack II buried cable detection system and MicroWave 330 Digital Link through Security Center, optimizing flexibility and control for a range of security-sensitive perimeter protection applications.

The advanced Security Center user interface allows operators to receive real-time notification of intrusion alarms or tamper attempts, and to monitor video surveillance associated with these events, maximizing preparedness and response to perimeter breach or sabotage. Extensive graphic mapping tools enable clear association of sensors, detection zones and alarm information on custom site maps, optimizing visual assessment capability.

The unique features of MicroPoint™ II and MicroTrack™ II enable pinpoint intrusion detection and allow Security Center to direct camera presets to detection zones, providing immediate visual assessment of alarms at the precise point of the disturbance. 

Government / Military

Southwest Microwave provides fixed and relocatable intrusion detection solutions to all branches of the U.S. government and military, as well as to the governments and armed forces of many nations on all continents.

Southwest Microwave systems secure key government facilities including embassies, consulates, administration, treasury and judicial buildings. Our equipment is a key component of global force protection and border patrol programs, and successfully protects mission-critical sites such as weapons storage facilities, flight lines, equipment staging areas and communication centers.

Critical Utilities

A primary concern to utility sites is physical attack on their facilities that would inflict damage or destruction to vital infrastructure, affect delivery of services, or threaten public and environmental health and safety.

Providers within the nuclear power, electric and solar energy, water & wastewater and oil & gas sectors rely on Southwest Microwave to protect their sites from acts of terrorism, sabotage, vandalism and theft. Our technologies reliably secure power plants, substations, dams, distribution centers, treatment plants, pump sites, pipelines, tank farms, refineries, compression stations and storage facilities worldwide.

Security-Sensitive Industrial

With high asset value equipment and inventory at stake, Southwest Microwave supports manufacturers and service providers in the fortification of the perimeter layer of their production and distribution facilities.

We have successfully deployed detection solutions to meet the unique protection challenges of data centers, pharmaceutical companies, petrochemical and food processors, aerospace, automotive and textile manufacturers, communications providers and high technology suppliers. Our broad-ranging system options for industrial customers include sensors that operate in flammable or explosive environments.

Correctional Facilities

Southwest Microwave’s Correctional Systems Group is the acknowledged leader in perimeter detection solutions for correctional facilities, with systems widely specified for detention applications on all continents. In North America, we secure more than 500 correctional institutions – including Department of Corrections facilities, federal prisons and county jails across the US and Canada.

Customers count on our correctional solutions to safeguard perimeter fencing, gates and sally ports, rooftops, armories, manufacturing buildings and vehicle storage areas.


Southwest Microwave systems protect private and commercial traffic flow from terrorist threat and sabotage. Our systems also prevent unauthorized entry into protected areas, limiting vandalism and harm to facilities, assets or individuals.

We have built an international portfolio of detection solutions for airport perimeters, taxiways and runways, seaports, waterways and bridges, commercial railroads, mass transit lines, truck yards and cargo terminals. Customers rely on Southwest Microwave sensors to uniquely safeguard transportation infrastructure without nuisance alarms or compromise by transportation radar systems.

Features and benefits

INTREPID Series II single platform detection technologies enable the deployment of fence, buried and digital microwave solutions on one communications network to protect each portion of the perimeter with an optimal sensor for that location, minus the high cost or complication associated with integrating multiple sensor technologies.

Key benefits include: 
  • Software-based system set-up and zone assignment to simplify deployment and reduce hardware costs
  • The industry's highest detection performance and lowest nuisance alarm rates
  • Industry-leading technical support for the life of your system
  • No-cost, online or classroom-based product training 
  • Comprehensive 5-year warranty coverage
  • Certification by many of the world’s leading independent testing authorities
  • The flexibility to be easily reconfigured as an end user's site protection needs change
  • Seamless connectivity between sensors and with an organization's overall security program
  • Proven reliability in harsh environmental conditions

Network Integration

The Genetec Security Center / INTREPID RPM II Interface incorporates Southwest Microwave’s Remote Polling Module II (RPM II) SDK, an application layer protocol / hardware module package, designed to provide network-based large or multi-site facilities with simplified high-level integration between head-end control or monitoring systems and INTREPID Series II sensors or auxiliary devices.

With the RPM II protocol, only the RPM II hardware module is queried by the Security Center application. The RPM II serves as Pollmaster – polling all INTREPID Series II sensors and auxiliary devices connected to its communications port for status, and communicating this information to Security Center via TCP/IP network connection.

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  • Virtual Perimeter

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Genetec part number

GSC-1PSWM 1 Southwest Microwave MicroPoint Cable & MicroPoint II plugin

With over 40 years of experience and 70,000 installations worldwide, Southwest Microwave has earned a global leadership position in the design and manufacture of high-security outdoor perimeter intrusion detection systems for security-sensitive applications in the utilities, industrial, transportation, government / military, corrections and VIP sectors.

Field-proven INTREPID™ fence, buried cable and microwave detection solutions provide precise, immediate detection of intrusion attempts, mitigating risk to critical infrastructure and high-value assets. Product excellence reflects only one component of Southwest Microwave's customer commitment.

A pledge to provide world-class customer care is backed by extensive technical service capabilities, including system design assistance, site commissioning services, comprehensive product training and responsive tech support.

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