Secure & Convenient Access Control with Biometrics

Biometric solutions replace vulnerable methods of entry like keys, cards, fobs and PINs. Invixium's IP-based biometric products are ideal for enterprises and SMBs in need of strong and trusted user authentication for security and convenience.

IXM WEB is the management software used for Invixium device and user registration, configuration, monitoring and transaction reporting. The refreshing GUI is playful, intuitive and comprehensive delivering a consistent and exceptional experience with every click. With one centralized web server installation, IXM WEB runs on all the major browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari; making it accessible on smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

IXM WEB is now integrated with Security Center, making cardholder management a breeze when Industries and Critical Infrastructurecardholder data from Security Center to be auto sychronized to IXM WEB thus eliminating the need to enter cardholder data in both applications.

SMBs and Commercial Enterprises

Biometrics authentication is rapidly becoming a mainstream expectation. Enterprises of all sizes are replacing traditional and antiquated access control methods like keys, cards, PINs and fobs in exchange for IP based biometric solutions. As governments, enterprises and SMBs adopt biometric access control for security and convenience, the demand for next generation, internet ready and modern products is on the rise.

Whether it's a small enterprise that requires a simple and standalone access control device or a large multi-location enterprise in need of thousands of devices on a distributed network with connections to an access control panel, IXM products and solutions are easy to deploy and use with a low total cost of ownership.

Industrial Sites and Critical Infrastructure

Diverse markets around the globe are rapidly adopting biometric solutions to protect against data theft, prevent identity fraud and restrict unauthorized access. Invixium's biometric solutions provide increased security and enhance business value and benefits to organizations worldwide while providing convenient access.

Invixium's Lumidigm based products are designed for deployments in rugged and harsh outdoor environments including rain, wind, snow and dust, especially where users have dry, wet or dirty fingers. Our devices are certified against IP65 standards and can also operate in a broad range of temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius (-4 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit), making them a reliable solution for a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Construction, Oil & Gas, Sea Ports, Manufacturing and more.


As government agencies and private companies commit to raising the standards of security at their transportation facilities, biometrics has already been proven to be the answer for enhanced access control for employees, travelers, contractors and other visitors. Leveraging its core principles, biometrics is the only solution to prove that You Are Who You Say You Are.

Invixium's suite of biometric products have been designed to withstand high frequency usage and abuse, all encased in a stylish enclosure. Just because it is a security product, doesn't mean it has to look ugly.

Install at airports, seaports, bus terminals and stations for doors, turnstiles or drive up gates with low, medium, high throughput areas in need of enhanced access control.

Features and benefits

·Stylish & Modern Biometric Access: Designed and manufactured in Canada, Invixium products incorporate modern features like PoE, IP-enabled, Android OS, SIP, tamper and battery backup.

·Up-to 4 Factor Authentication: Choose from 1 up to 4 factors: Face, Fingerprint, Card and/or PIN.

·Ruggedized for Harsh Environments: SENSE2, TOUCH2, and TITAN models offer the option of a multispectral sensor by Lumidigm to provide superior performance with wet, dry or damaged fingers.

·Sensor Interoperability: Deploy a mix of Invixium devices on the same building or campus, enroll on any device and authenticate on the rest.

·Capacitive Touchscreen: TOUCH2, MERGE, and TITAN equipped with IPS LCD screen delivering consistent and accurate colour from a wide viewing angle, bonded with antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass for a familiar user experience.

·IXM WEB: Powerful web based software with intuitive workflow and powerful add-on modules like IXM Convert and Time & Attendance

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  • Biometrics

Geographic availability

  • North America
  • Latin America and the Carribean
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

Industry verticals

  • Education
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Gaming
  • Law Enforcement
  • Stadiums and Open Spaces
  • Transportation

Invixium is intensely passionate about delivering Internet ready biometric products that are elegant, robust and simple to use. Focused on the PAC and time & attendance markets, our offerings are differentiated through advanced algorithms, intelligent engineering and customizations.

Invixium's beautifully crafted biometric products include MERGE, MYCRO, SENSE and TOUCH which feature the latest in cutting-edge technology to provide lightning fast results and enjoyable experiences. Constructed with industry trusted technologies like Corning Gorilla Glass, Capacitive Touch screen, HID card modules, Android OS, Texas Instruments processors along with fingerprint sensors from Lumidigm, SecuGen and NEXT Biometrics, Invixium products are built to last.

Our immensely powerful web-based software IXM WEB makes device and user management a breeze with an intuitive UI and dramatically reduces setup time via integrations with leading Access Control Panel manufacturers.

Invixium products are proudly Made in Canada.

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