AI-Powered 3D LiDAR-based Security and People Flow Management Solutions

Quanergy's AI-Powered 3D LiDAR Flow Management solutions provide a modular, scalable, and advanced perception platform to enable real-time analysis for detection, tracking, classification, people counting, and more.  

The inputs from multiple LiDAR sensors will be sent to QORTEX server to process the sensor point cloud information to detect, track, classify objects, which then publishes the object information in a serialized format over the network for visualization and action on the Genetec Security Center.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter security needs a robust and low false detection rated protection solution.  QORTEX DTC platform adds an accurate and reliable virtual fence that substantially reinforces perimeter security for critical infrastructure better than traditional solutions such as radar and microwave solutions.  It is fully integrated with Genetec RSA 3.5 to offer surveillance automation with real-time people detection, tracking, and classification.  The ultra-reliable solution reduces costly false alarms and supports prompt  accurate response to alert conditions.

Smart Spaces: Passenger Flow Management

In smart spaces, Quanergy's Flow Management Platform enables accurate and innovative people counting, queue management applications, and occupancy for retail stores, public transportation centers, stadiums, venues, and more.
The QORTEX DTC platform enables real-time, continuous tracking of people through buildings and shared spaces to understand occupancy, traffic patterns, and behavior. In retail establishments, the solution can show the number of people in and out of space and monitor which areas of the store customers spend the most time in - all of which can be used to analyze and optimize business operations. For example, QORTEX DTC paired with Genetec's PFA (Passenger Flow Analytic) module can identify key areas of interest within the store, so that inventory layouts can be optimized to attract more customers and drive more purchases.   QORTEX DTC makes it easy to leverage customer behavior data to drive high-impact decisions and directly increase store profits.

Features and benefits

  • 98% Detection Accuracy: QORTEX People Counter accurately detects the number and direction of people, entering in and out of the common areas. This can be also used to detect tailgaters and increase the safety of environments.  QORTEX People Counter accuracy is significantly higher than the camera-based system.
  • Drastic Reduction in False Alarms: reduces false alarms due to QORTEX DTC's advanced object detection, tracking, and classification capabilities.
  • Rich 3D, Real-Time Data: provides accurate centimeter-level information about the number of objects, spatial location, direction, and speed as well as the distance between people.
  • Protected Privacy: the LiDAR solution does not use facial recognition technology nor requires opt-in by users, therefore, it guarantees the anonymity of people and poses zero PII risk.
  • Reliability & Scalability: works in all lighting and atmospheric conditions which enables the security systems can effectively operate 24/7.

AI-Powered 3D LiDAR Flow Management Integration with Genetec Security Center

For Security and Passenger Flow management, the QORTEX DTC platform's system architecture deploys in a simple distributed scenario where all solution components connect to the installation site's local area network via TCP/IP protocol. The solution involves several blocks of functionality: M series LiDAR sensors, QORTEX DTC server and client, and/or Genetec RSA plugin (RSA & PFA) and camera (optional).  The server receives input from multiple LiDAR sensors and processes the sensor point cloud information to detect, track, classify objects. The server then publishes the object information in a serialized format over the network for visualization and action on the Genetec Security Center.
For Occupancy management, S3-2 with embedded QORTEX People Counter perception software are powered and connected to a network, it will start sending heartbeat messages.  Genetec TSS plugin can listen to these messages and determine the occupancy and create analytic reports.

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Supported Analytics

  • Crowd Density
  • Direction of Movement
  • Loitering
  • People Counting
  • Traffic Management
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Vehicle Direction
  • Vehicle Flow
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Wrong Way Detection
  • Dwell Time
  • Heat Map
  • Path Map
  • Queue Management
  • Virtual Perimeter
  • Automatic PTZ Tracking

Geographic availability

  • North America
  • Latin America and the Carribean
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

Industry verticals

  • City-Wide Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Retail
  • Stadiums and Open Spaces
  • Transportation

Version and ordering information


GSC 5.9

Genetec part number

○ Genetec Part Number: One GSC-1SDK-QUANERGY-QORT per Quanergy QORTEX DTC Server connection to GSC
○ GSC license should include MapManager for GPS based object visualization
○ Quanergy QORTEX DTC Premium package

Quanergy offers a high-performance AI-powered 3D LiDAR platform designed to accelerate the automation of key business processes to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety of our 3D world.

Quanergy's products provide actionable insights to organizations across major industries including security, smart cities, smart spaces, social distancing, mapping, industrial automation, and transportation.  Quanergy's integrated LiDAR sensors and QORTEX(TM) perception software enable its partners and their end-users to deploy innovative solutions to drive their business growth and ultimately improve the quality of life for people around the world.

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