SAFR Facial Recognition

SAFR is the premier facial recognition platform for live video. Its 99.86% accuracy rate is compounded by high performance that delivers optimal results that are 4-5 times as fast as competing facial recognition algorithms.

SAFR for Security enhances Genetec deployments with world-class facial recognition. This includes identifying employees, VIPs, threats, concerns, unknown persons, and other tagged individuals. SAFR for Security can automatically bookmark video of any identified or unknown person.
In most cases, surveillance video is recorded– not watched live. Security teams are burdened with hours of monitoring, which requires extended periods of extreme concentration and attention to detail in order to identify unauthorized or unknown activity. With SAFR for Security integrated with Genetec Security Center, security staff are no longer limited to monitoring grids of video cameras and tediously reviewing recorded video after events have already transpired. SAFR for Security immediately alerts security professionals in real time when unknown or unwanted individuals are recognized on any live camera feed, whether or not they’re in view of security personnel.

Live monitoring and alerts

Security guards can only monitor so many video cameras at one time. SAFR alerts security guards when VIPS, unknown, or unwanted individuals are recognized on any live camera feed.

Door entry using Facial Recognition

Badge access can be jeopardized by lost, stolen, or traded employee badges. With SAFR for Security and Genetec Security Center, you can replace or augment badges and card key readers with a more secure form of identification uniquely attached to the identity of the individual. Within Genetec Security Center, you can set rules to utilize faces captured on cameras positioned at secure doors so that Genetec Security Center automatically opens doors based on an individual’s status.

Traffic and demographics

Security professionals at stadiums, event venues, retail stores, and other public spaces all want to know who is entering, present, and leaving. SAFR for Security adds to Genetec Security Center to provide demographic data collection. SAFR for Security enables an integrated understanding of traffic, pathing, gender, age, and even the sentiment of your visitors. Actionable data for live analytics includes traffic volumes, demographic composition, dwell times, and data exports for further reporting.

Features and benefits

SAFR for Security integrates with Genetec Security Center to bring the performance and accuracy of AI-powered facial recognition to security professionals.

Features with Genetec include:
- Video overlays to identify strangers, threats, concerns, unrecognizable persons, employees, VIPs, or other tagged individuals in live video
- Customizable real-time alerts, alarms, and notifications for smart monitoring
- Automatic SAFR recognition bookmarks for quick review or forensic analysis including metadata attached to timelines and locations with advanced search by time range, location, category, person type, and name

About SAFR
- 99.86% accurate - Tested and validated by National Institute of Standards and Technology
- High performance
- Globally deployed
- Works with almost any IP-based camera
- Uses off-the-shelf hardware
- Flexible deployment (on-premise, your cloud, or in the SAFR cloud)

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Supported Analytics

  • Facial Recognition

Geographic availability

  • North America
  • Latin America and the Carribean
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

Industry verticals

  • City-Wide Surveillance
  • Education
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Gaming
  • Law Enforcement
  • Retail
  • Stadiums and Open Spaces

SAFR is the world's premier facial recognition platform for live video. Leading in real world performance and accuracy as tested by NIST, SAFR enables new applications for security, secure access, and analytics. SAFR's highly accurate, machine learning facial recognition is architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to detect and match millions of faces in real time. The SAFR platform supports flexible deployment on premises, the SAFR cloud, your cloud, or hybrid. It supports multiple OS and hardware platforms, and is readily adapted for a broad range of environments, applications, and use cases. 

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