Autonomous drone solution for security and safety

Skeyetech is a drone-in-a-box solution revolutionizing security over sensitive sites. It carries out patrols, threat identification or monitor crisis situations 24/7. Skeyetech is the first autonomous drone in Europe approved by authorities.

Skeyetech is a fully autonomous drone solution for security and safety operations 24/7.

Operated from Security Center, the drone is sent on pre-recorded flight missions and can be triggered manually or automatically when an intrusion is detected by perimeter devices. During the flights, the operator monitors the drone’s camera just like any other PTZ camera. When the mission is finished, the drone returns automatically to its docking station to be recharged.

Skeyetech drone offers a large daylight and thermal vision of any situation and constitutes a first intervention in case of threat. It also replaces inefficient and dangerous manned patrols in a much more efficient way.

Skeyetech system has just received the first and only DGAC approval for a fully-automated drone, proving the safety, reliability and quality of the solution. It can fly over private areas, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS), day or night, under simple supervision of a security guard - with no pilot license.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas sites are critical for nations and thus require a premium level of security. Skeyetech drones can be easily integrated in existing security features to increase teams’ efficiency. They can be connected to any intrusion sensor – radar, fence sensor, IR light barrier… – to take off automatically in the event of an alarm. Drones are faster than any manned patrol and thus provide quick situational assessments and valuable insights.

Oil and gas sites are exposed to many technological risks. Autonomous drones help monitoring the state of infrastructures in order to decrease the chance of potential industrial incidents. In case of a technological crisis such as fires or gas leaks, the drones ensure team safety by substituting them, while offering a precious aerial vantage point to the coordinators of the operation.

Ports & Sea terminals

Cornerstones of industrial development, major cargo ports are at the core of many threats: thefts, trafficking, illegal transportation, stowaways etc. Port areas have to face numerous intrusions. Conventional fixed cameras have trouble covering the whole perimeter and tend to be too easy to avoid.

Skeyetech autonomous drones offer new perimeter surveillance capabilities to prevent break-ins. They can cover strategic entrances in an unexpected way, with no routine pattern and no blind spot, and play a deterrent effect. They also provide prompt support in case of alarms to distinguish true and false positives.

Sensitive industrial sites

Major industrial sites are more and more difficult to protect as threats inevitably increase. Covering areas of several dozen hectares with conventional video surveillance is nearly impossible and implies high installation and maintenance costs. As a result, most of the time, when an intruder breaks in, security teams need many minutes or even hours to find them.

Skeyetech drones efficiently improve security teams’ responsiveness. Thanks to their optical and thermal sensors, understanding a situation or identifying a human anywhere on an industrial site only takes a few minutes. Autonomous drones also allow time savings during perimeter patrols.

Features and benefits

Skeyetech can replace cameras and perform tasks of security guards. Thus, the implementation of an autonomous drone is immediately cost-effective.

The drone goes from 0 to 50 km/h in a few seconds and thus provides faster feedback. In case of an alarm, it can be anywhere on a 300-ha site in less than 3 min.

Able to move anywhere on the site, equipped with IR camera, it makes it impossible for intruders to hide.

With the deep sound of the 8 propellers, the arrival of the drone on target constitutes an intervention which in most cases will make the intruder leave the premises.

Skeyetech drone is fitted with high-performance optical and thermal sensors, allowing to see at all times of day and night. With its x20 zoom, it helps to identify and understand situations located hundreds of meters away.

Skeyetech reduces risks for security officers by avoiding sending them to hazardous locations and exposing them to threats.

Fully integrated with Security Center

Skeyetech system is connected to the IP network like any other surveillance IP camera or sensor. It streams live video directly to Security Center and is controlled through a specific plugin called AdroneX. This plugin ensures the communication with the system through proprietary protocols. AdroneX enables to control the drone and its camera (mission launch, click&go, camera orientation…) and to check the system status thanks to drone telemetry. It can also extract alarms from Security Center to automatically send the drone to alert points. 

Furthermore, Skeyetech use can be configured in Security Center Config Tool. The drone is set up as a camera into a sector and its use can be restricted depending on access rights.

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Geographic availability

  • North America
  • Latin America and the Carribean
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

Industry verticals

  • Critical Infrastructure

Version and ordering information


Security Center 5.7

Genetec part number

GSC-1P-ADRONEX -  1 part per AzurDroneX integration.

AZUR DRONES is the European leader in autonomous drone. Thanks to a strong R&D team, the company develops and manufactures a drone-in-a-box solution for security actors.

SKEYETECH is a fully autonomous drone revolutionizing security and safety over sensitive sites. Thanks to its charging base, SKEYETECH system is 24/7 operational for automatic patrols or situation assessments in case of alarms.

Based in France, AZUR DRONES became a Genetec technology partner at the end of 2018. Skeyetech is now fully integrated with Security Center. 

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