BB&T Ballpark is the new home to the Charlotte Knights, a Triple-A minor-league baseball team. The $55 Million baseball stadium unified video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection systems using Security Center to balance accessibility and security.

The company

As the new home to the Charlotte Knights, a Triple-A minor-league baseball team, BB&T Ballpark is a state-of-the-art baseball facility located in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a price tag of USD $55 million, the new urban stadium has nearly sold out its 10,200-seat capacity during every game since opening its doors in April 2014. Stadium features such as its outfield opening to a stunning view of the city’s uptown skyline, its 975 club seats, and 22 luxury suites add to the appeal of this new city-center ballpark.

The challenge

Before construction workers broke ground, BB&T Ballpark management reached out to veteran security consultant, Rick Sousa, President at Vertex Technology Consultants, to detail the specifications for the new security system. The stadium’s aim was to promote an open and airy feel where guests could move freely throughout the stadium, while keeping an eye on strategic locations and limiting access to more sensitive areas such as ballpark management offices, loading docks and cash handling rooms.

“The video system has made our job so much easier by providing us with eyes in the sky. We are far more responsive, and that helps us ensure a positive guest experience.”


Mark McKinnon, Director of Operations, BB&T Ballpark


To keep guests, VIPs, media and players safe on game day, BB&T Ballpark strategically installed 50 network cameras inside and outside the stadium. Various doors within the facility have also been equipped with readers and controllers, to secure access to ballpark personnel-only areas. All of these devices are viewed and managed within Security Center, through the Genetec Omnicast video surveillance system and Synergis access control system.

Intrusion Detection panels have also been unified within Security Center, providing BB&T Ballpark administrators with a global view of its security environment. Intrusion panel alarms and access-denied events are all synced with video from nearby cameras, so officers can quickly see what’s happening and respond. The system upgrade allows the personnel to be more responsive, which helps to ensure a positive experience.

The Solution

Unified and Central Control

Operators can quickly playback video, activate and deactivate employee badges, and monitor any intrusion events; and it’s all right there in one intuitive application.

Increased Operational Efficiency

The unified system helps operators anticipate shipments coming into the loading docks, and address any crowd bottleneck issues and long lines at ticketing booth or concessions stands.

Programmable Cardholder Privileges

Specific access control permissions are assigned according to an individual’s role at the stadium to ensure that those with authority have access rights to critical areas.

Easy Tracking of Employee Attendance

Access control reports show what time employees swiped their badge to enter the facility, and the synced video proves if it was in fact the actual cardholder.

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