The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) is a professional membership body which offers support to pharmacists in England. RPS recently upgraded to the Security Center unified platform to secure its state-of-the-art headquarters in central London.

The company

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is a professional membership body which offers support to pharmacists and pharmacies in England, Scotland, and Wales. The state-of-the-art headquarters in central London is home to the organization’s operations and medicine publishing divisions which are internationally renowned. Members are welcome to host events at RPS or visit the comprehensive library and museum which houses historical medicines, high-value artifacts and controlled substances.

The challenge

When construction planning for the new headquarters began, RPS knew that the older analog technology that the team once relied on would not meet high-tech facility goals. RPS was looking to implement a leading-edge IP security solution that would have the flexibility to add different devices and system components over time. They also needed more than video surveillance, seeking to implement access control and intrusion detection systems to ensure assets were well protected.

“With Security Center, it’s easy to see what’s happening and make quick decisions on how to respond. The platform’s usability should not be underestimated.”


Michael Bonne, Corporate Services Lead, RPS


Today, security staff monitor 40 Sony IP cameras inside and around the perimeter of the RPS building using the Omnicast video surveillance system. Almost 30 doors are managed using the Synergis access control system, and a Honeywell Galaxy intrusion detection system is fully unified within the Security Center platform.

With the new platform, day-to-day operations flow smoothly at RPS. “We’re very happy with Controlled Ltd. and Genetec. We have strengthened our security, and we feel confident in our ability to evolve the platform and add more system capabilities. Security Center is most definitely a valuable asset to our team and operations,” said Bonne.

The Solution

Unified Security View

When an intrusion or access control alarm occurs, video is displayed for operators who can quickly address the situation. Easy-to-use search functionalities help operators review incidents.

Flexible Access and Security

“The unified platform helps our team stay agile. Operators can modify cardholder privileges to grant provisional access, or set temporary door schedules to accommodate events,” said Bonne.

Easy Cardholder Enrollment

Seven different cardholder profiles were created in the Synergis system. This facilitates employee enrollment and ensures staff have privileges depending on their roles and functions.

Uncompromised System Reliability

According to Bonne, “[Security Center] has a very robust architecture which ensures optimal system uptime and helps our team remain effective in securing our facilities.”

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