Clemson University is a higher-education institution in South Carolina, United States. The university upgraded its building access control and campus video system using the Genetec Security Center unified platform, speeding up investigations, response, and cardholder enrollment.

The company

Clemson University is a public land-grant higher-education institution in South Carolina, United States. The University is the second-largest in the state with a student enrollment of over 24,000. Its main campus spans 1,400 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and includes the 17,500-acre Clemson Experimental Forest which is used for research, education, and recreation. A cluster of other research facilities and economic development hubs are spread throughout the state. TigerOne is the department that oversees physical security and retail systems.

The challenge

Over time, the University had four separate access control systems that managed over 800 doors across 84 buildings. The problem was that each access control system stood alone. During investigations, the public safety team would have to physically meet with departments and ask for the access control records. Over the years, the university had also accumulated over 30 different video systems. While upgrading video systems wasn’t part of the initial plans, the university knew it would be wise to think ahead and choose a solution that could unify video and access control systems.

“Genetec Security Center met all our requirements. The solution gave us the flexibility to bring access control and video systems under the same platform, as more funds became available over time.”


Steve Robbins, Executive Director of TigerOne of Clemson University


Today, Clemson University is using the Genetec Security Center platform to manage over 2,500 doors across 120+ buildings. While most facilities are located on the main campus, there are several facilities in adjoining counties and another five sites across the state. The University also migrated over 700 cameras within the Omnicast video surveillance system. This allows staff to see all video and door activity within one intuitive security platform.

Using the Plan Manager map interface, the public safety team easily navigates the expansive university grounds. If a protest is underway or a fight breaks out on campus, they can pull up the video to see what’s happening and relay information to responding officers before they arrive. This ensures they are better prepared for the situation at hand. And if a device goes offline or the system isn’t configured correctly, the team will be alerted.

The solution

Unified campus view

Security operators work from a central control room to monitor the campus. If an incident is reported, they can quickly retrieve access control reports and videos without leaving their desks.

Automated cardholder privileges

Clemson has cardholder groups and automation set up based on whether a student is taking a major or a minor, have enlisted in specific courses or programs, or registered for student housing.

Convenient mobile credentials

With mobile credentials, students, and staff to use their mobile devices to gain access to buildings. They can also check out books at the library, use printer credits, and pay for meals in dining halls.

One-click security threat levels

Using Security Center, the team can implement any of seven threat levels at the click of a button. This includes going into complete lockdown, giving responders sole access into facilities.

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