A proactive approach to public safety

An effective public safety strategy should be more than reactive. A better approach is one that fosters inter-agency collaboration, relies on a consolidated view of ongoing operations, and lets you analyze data for insights on how to improve your strategy.

Genetec Citigraf™ is a decision support system that unifies public safety operations across city departments through situational awareness and the proper dissemination of information.

Public safety needs are evolving

Safety cannot be achieved with siloed approach

More collaboration and connectivity needed between agencies, cities and the private sector

Being ready before a situation occurs

Using technology to shift from reactive to proactive planning, readiness, and response

Making sense of new data

Need for greater intelligence from a growing number of data sources and technologies

Derive insights from the systems in place

Analysis tools are required to improve planning and optimize resource management

Learn how Genetec Citigraf empowers public safety agencies.

A common operating picture for all your city’s departments

Public safety agencies work better together. Manage information from different modules that can be accessed by your frontline personnel, operators, and managers.

A common operating picture for all your city’s departments

Enable public safety agencies throughout the entire mission

Enable public safety agencies


From a unified tactical and security operations system, tap into multiple data sources to gather intelligence for a comprehensive macro understanding of situations.


Provide a common operating picture that increases situational awareness and allows responders to better coordinate.


Derive intelligence from trends and correlation of historical and live data to have better control over situations-in-progress.


Measure the effectiveness of campaigns, train frontline employees and optimize strategies to be better prepared.

A complete portfolio for planning and response strategies

Leverage large amounts of data sources and sensors to provide your teams with dynamic visualization, situational awareness, and intelligence. The outcome? An improved response efficiency through better problem solving and decision-making.

Citigraf Command

Citigraf Command

See the big picture from your operations center

Citigraf Auto

Citigraf Auto

Access the same information from in-vehicle terminals

Citigraf Mobile

Citigraf Mobile

Exchange relevant information with field personnel

Citigraf Insights

Citigraf Insights

Detect and understand incident trends and risks

Correlation connects you to the big picture

Based on time and location, the correlation engine detects relevant information from multiple sources.

Your system instantly notifies you with alerts that require your immediate attention.

By joining the Citigraf grid, neighboring cities can exchange critical information such as disaster recovery, ALPR, correlation and advanced search.


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