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As part of the Security Center unified platform, the Omnicast™ IP video management system (VMS) provides organizations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that addresses their unique video security needs. Through deep support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders, and CCTV equipment, the Omnicast system scales and adapts to the changing demands of your security environment.

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More Than Choosing the Right HD Camera

Rather than merely looking at your immediate security concerns, you should consider how the choice of a VMS today will impact what you will be able to achieve as your security needs and video technology evolve over time. Deep integration of the latest IP cameras, readiness to support the computational needs of HD and 4K video, and adaptability to complex network topologies and new storage solutions are all important considerations when choosing a modern VMS platform.

Data Privacy

Achieving True Video Privacy

Personal data privacy is top of mind and with the growing proliferation of cameras, video privacy is a topic of great debate. Encryption of communications, stronger authentication, and the protection of video should be up front and center for any public or private organization. Simple password protection is no longer enough and a better approach for video security exists today. It is one where video authorization is secure and both archived video and video in-transit is encrypted.

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Work Smarter with Video Analytics

Protecting people and assets is harder than ever. With more cameras and security devices deployed, you can have eyes everywhere - but are they looking at the right place? KiwiVision Video Analytics deliver insights you act on, and eliminate the noise. You transform your video into smart, actionable information that helps you detect and understand emerging events - so you can make the right decision at the right time.

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Video Management Software You Can Rely On

Count on the availability of live and recorded video whenever your team needs it, and experience uninterrupted access to your video even if you lose connectivity to your server. With embedded failover capabilities and built-in redundancy and health monitoring mechanisms, the Omnicast system protects your recordings from network failure and physical damage, while giving you real-time notifications on system health and uptime.

Optimize your bandwidth consumption and reduce costs with Omnicast

Manage More HD Video Over Your Network

Optimize your bandwidth consumption and reduce costs with flexible streaming options designed with HD video in mind. With the Omnicast system, intelligent streaming calculates the most efficient routes between cameras and workstations, while dynamic stream selection automatically switches stream quality when needed. Stream settings can be customized for live or recorded video, and you can protect key evidence by transferring your video recordings to Cloud Archives for long-term retention.

Construction Site

Video to Match Your Security Environment

With unification of access control, ALPR, POS, asset management, and other 3rd party systems, the Omnicast system provides a flexible and open architecture that ensures you can adapt to your evolving security demands. The Omnicast system has unmatched scalability with fielded deployments of over 150,000 cameras and integrates with the widest range of IP cameras, while the Federation™ module allows you to centralize multi-site operations, such as independent and remote site monitoring.


Innovation in Video Surveillance

The Omnicast system continues to drive innovation in the video surveillance market and helps organizations protect and secure their people, assets, and facilities. From scalable HD video monitoring and recording, to unification with access control, multi-site monitoring, failover and disaster recovery, Genetec unveils new technology at an unrivaled pace.

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Aggressively Protecting Data and Privacy

In an increasingly interconnected world, protecting video data and communications alongside safeguarding everyone's privacy is growing in importance. The Omnicast system aggressively tackles these needs head-on through 

  • sophisticated analytics, evidence blurring and masking, watermarking and more
  • claims-based user and server authentication that leverage tokens and certificates
  • authenticated and secure video stream requests (RTSP over TLS, RTSPS), and
  • encryption of video streaming between apps and servers, from the camera, and of stored video

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Deep Integration with Popular IP Cameras and Encoders

As Omnicast integrates with a multitude of makes and models of cameras and encoders, you are never tied down to a single manufacturer, allowing you to move away from proprietary solutions. Genetec partners with the security industry’s leading manufactures, which allows you to deploy a mix of non-proprietary cameras for your unique needs.

Genetec™ SV-32v2 Network Appliance

Ready to deploy with Streamvault

Whether deploying a new security system or expanding an existing one, our Streamvault line of security infrastructure solutions allows you to easily install a secure, unified system. With a wide range of all-in-one and rackmount appliances, workstations and storage solutions, you can easily get access to the rich feature set available within Security Center.

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Omnicast Customers

Genetec Customer - Homemakers Furniture

Homemakers Furniture

Largest Furniture Store in the State of Iowa Selects Omnicast IP Video Surveillance from Genetec Security Center to Simplify Investigations and Improve Service.

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Genetec Customer - International Airport

Tampa International Airport

TPA chooses Omnicast video surveillance to enhance passenger safety from landside to airside while ensuring long-term investment protection.

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Genetec Customer - Brisbane City Hall

Brisbane City Hall

Largest local government organization in Australia depends on powerful VMS with multiple security systems integrations to improve security operations.

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Extend Your Capabilities Under a Single Platform

The Omnicast IP video surveillance system is available in four different packages: Compact, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Consult the list of features and system capabilities for each package below to find out which package is best for you.

Licensing Perpetual/Subscription Perpetual/Subscription Perpetual/Subscription
Maximum Number of Cameras 50 250 Unrestricted
Maximum Number of Clients 5 10 Unrestricted
Number of Archivers 1 20 Unrestricted
Plan Manager
Cloud Archives
GPU-Accelerated Video Decoding  
Video Stream & Recording Encryption with AES-128  
H.265 Support  
Remote Security Desk  
Native Archiver & Directory Failover    
Federation *      
*Main Federation feature server must be Enterprise. Federating sites can be Standard, Pro, or Enterprise.

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