Omnicast™ is the IP video management system of the Security Center platform that provides organizations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that truly matches their security needs. With support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders and CCTV equipment, Omnicast™ scales and adapts to the changing demands of your security department.

Video Management Software You Can Rely On

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Count on the availability of live and recorded video whenever your team needs it. With multiple failover, redundancy and maintenance mechanisms built-in, you can depend on the Omnicast™ VMS in your critical safety and surveillance operations.

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Manage More HD Video Over Your Network

As the adoption of higher resolution, megapixel camera increases, so too does the need for intelligent video management software to optimize bandwidth consumption. Omnicast™ VMS provides industry-leading functionality that enables you to reduce bandwidth costs in order to grow your system of HD cameras without hesitation.

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Video to Match Your Security Environment

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Omnicast™ is the logical long-term investment, providing a flexible and open architecture  that ensures you can adapt to the evolving demands of your security department. Scale your system and implement new capabilities over time, while never being locked into a proprietary solution.

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Key Features

Omnicast™ continues to drive innovation in the video surveillance market and provides access to a leading set of features, assisting security operators in keeping your site and assets protected.

Unified Video and Access Control

Unify access control events and alarms with your Omnicast™ video system. Consolidate security alerts within an intuitive client interface, and take advantage of a synchronized view of video and access control monitoring and reporting.

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Federation™ feature

Monitor remote independent sites as if they were part of a single virtual system, improving your overall operations and level of security.

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Unified Threat Level Management

Instantly change the configurations of your security system, including recording quality or access to specific camera, in response to changing security conditions and potential threats based on predefined settings. 

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Remote Security Desk

Easily configure a state-of-the-art video wall using standard flat panel displays, allowing you to monitor entities, control live and playback video, and change tile layouts.

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Alarm Management and Escalation

Configure alarms and workflows based on a multitude of system events, such as on-motion detection and door alerts, and assign responses for your operators.

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Video Watermarking

Add a digital signature to each recorded video frame to ensure its authenticity and that video evidence can be admissible in court.

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Security Center Mobile

Monitor live video feeds, respond to access control alerts, and share live video with colleagues at the office from your smartphone while working on routine tasks or responding to a critical situation.

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Preloaded Appliances

Learn about Omnicast™ video management software pre-loaded security appliances, and integrations with leading technology partners.

SV-32 Network Security Appliance


SV-PRO Network Security Appliance


BCDVideo's Nova Series

Nova Series

SV-16 Network Security Appliance


Genetec Technology Partners

Technology Partners


The SV-32 is a unified security appliance that can locally decode and record up to 32 cameras, and support up to 100 readers.

The SV-PRO is a unified security appliance ideal for mid-sized installations.

Nova Series servers are ideally suited for large deployments requiring highly-scalable, multi-server systems.

The SV-16 is a compact-sized network security appliance with support of up to 16 cameras.

Leverage existing equipment or upgrade to the latest IP technology from our leading global partners.

Trusted by Customers Everywhere

As pioneers in IP video surveillance, we have developed partnerships with customers around the world. Learn more about their stories below.

Homemakers Furniture

Largest Furniture Store in the State of Iowa Selects Omnicast IP Video Surveillance from Genetec Security Center to Simplify Investigations and Improve Service

Omnicast™ Software Packages

Omnicast™ video management software is available in a variety of packages to fit the size and needs of your security applications.

Omnicast Standard Edition

Omnicast™ Standard

Omnicast Pro Edition


Omnicast Enterprise Edition

Omnicast™ Enterprise

Omnicast™ Standard is the fundamental package for installations up to 50 cameras. If you are looking to monitor a smaller site, this package is the perfect fit for you

Omnicast™ Pro is the right package for larger installations, supporting up to 250 cameras and offering many of our advanced features.

Omnicast™ Enterprise is available for organizations needing to scale up to thousands of cameras, and provides support for all video features.

Ensure Your Recordings Are Protected

Protect your recordings from network failure or physical damage with the flexibility to store video in different physical locations, or even onboard the cameras themselves.

Count on Uninterrupted Video Streaming

Continue monitoring cameras and maintain access to live video even in cases where your Security Desk client application loses connectivity to your servers.

Upgrade the System at Your Own Pace

Easily phase in upgrades in order to reduce downtime and cost of system maintenance with video management software that is backward compatible.

Get Real-Time System Health Monitoring and Notification

Actively monitor the health and up-time of your security system and be notified of your system’s performance in real-time thanks to the Omnicast™ native health monitoring.

Improve Redundancy with Decentralized Recording

Ensure greater redundancy and minimize bandwidth usage by storing your recordings on cameras with edge storage capabilities.

Optimize Video Streaming

Bandwidth consumption is significantly reduced through the Omnicast™ intelligent streaming engine, which seamlessly calculates the most efficient routes between cameras and client workstations.

Reduce Network Load with Dynamic Stream Selection

Omnicast™ automatically switches the stream from a low to megapixel resolution, based on the size of the video tile, reducing the load on the workstation.

Trickle Recorded Video On-Demand

Significantly reduce bandwidth with Video Trickling which allows you to filter and transfer recorded video stored on edge devices to long-term archiving only when required.

Customize Multistreaming for Specific Usage

Configure a camera’s multiple video streams for specific video usage, such as live viewing, remote live viewing, recording, etc., for greater storage flexibility and bandwidth optimization.

Optimize Your Network Load

Modify advanced settings, such as capping bandwidth to optimize the network load thanks to the Omnicast™ deep-level integration with our partners’ edge devices.

Grow Your System Without any Constraints

Add more cameras to your system with the assurance that your current operations will not be disturbed. Omnicast™ VMS is designed to reach the heights of system scalability, with fielded deployments of 150,000 cameras.

Unify Your Security Systems

Gain efficiency and reduce training costs by unifying access control, ALPR, POS, asset management and more third-party systems, alongside Omnicast™ in a single application.

Deep Integrations with Your Preferred Cameras

Preserve existing hardware or choose from the latest releases as Omnicast™ VMS integrates with industry-leading technology ensuring compatibility with a wide range of IP cameras.

Centralize Your Multi-Site Operations

Seamlessly bridge independent and remote systems from multiple sites to monitor all operations from a single location using the Federation™ feature.