Manage Your Security Environment, Not Your Infrastructure

With Genetec™ Security Center cloud services, you are able to extend the functionality of your on-premises Security Center system, reduce investment in IT infrastructure, and help your security department become more agile.

Benefits of the Cloud

Reduce your investment in new hardware with Genetec cloud Services

Reduce your Hardware Footprint

With Security Center cloud services, you can reduce your investment in new hardware and easily scale computing and storage resources to manage any changes in demand.

Beyond hardware acquisition costs, these services also allow you to reduce on-going expenses, including electricity and cooling, that are required to operate your security system. This can save you from purchasing hardware that is only needed to cope with temporary spikes in demand.

With Security Center Cloud Services no configuration or IT involvement

Minimize Reliance on Corporate IT

By moving certain applications to the cloud, Security Center cloud services can help reduce your security department’s reliance on the IT department to manage the security system infrastructure, implement updates, and ensure the health of the system.

New services and additional capacity can be deployed instantly without interrupting operations. Because updates are delivered automatically, system enhancements can be made with no configuration or IT involvement.

Connect your on-premises system to Security Center Cloud

Use Your Security Center System

You can now continue to use your existing system and infrastructure while taking advantage of new cloud services whenever you need them.

With the ability to connect your on-premises system to Security Center cloud, you can access and manage data stored in the cloud, including video recordings, directly from your Security Center system.

Key Features

Security Center cloud makes security deployments more agile

Why Use Security Center Cloud Services?

More organizations are relying on cloud services as departments look to shorten IT implementation times and reduce the need to manage and purchase their own infrastructure.

Security Center cloud makes security deployments more agile when adapting to changing requirements and allows users to take advantage of the many benefits the cloud has to offer.

Hyper-Scale cloud Infrastructure. Instantly accommodate increased demand for computing resources with hyper-scale infrastructure.

Secure & Redundant Storage. High availability of critical data and durability against hardware failure with up to 6 copies replicated in separate datacenter locations.

Always Up-to-Date. Benefit from all the latest features and updates to the platform through our manage update process which keeps SaaS instance on the latest available version.

Reduce IT Operational Costs. Minimize energy consumption and IT maintenance costs, with less servers to manage.

Greater Purchase Flexibility. Add or remove subscription-based services on-demand, and avoid the large upfront costs for hardware and software.

Cloud Services

 Stratocast™ eliminate the need for on-premises servers

Stratocast™ Connections

Eliminate the need for on-premises servers with a unique service that records video in the cloud. Deploy your video surveillance system in record time with no servers or software to install and without any IT involvement for ongoing maintenance or updates. Stratocast connects to other Security Center systems and offers you a simple way to deploy remote cameras and centrally monitor multi-site systems.

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Federation™-as-a-Service allows you to centralize monitoring operations


Federation-as-a-Service allows you to centralize monitoring operations, reduce costs associated with managing distributed surveillance systems, and continue to use your existing Security Center system. Using Federation-as-a-Service, you can also reduce the cost and time needed to provision new servers and administer updates for your system.

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Simplify operations of your ALPR system with AutoVu™ Managed Services

Cloud Archives

Ensure video is stored in a secure, off-site location by transferring incidents and critical events to Cloud Archives. Organizations can send select video recordings to the cloud and continue to leverage their existing Security Center system. This hybrid solution allows for greater flexibility with storage capacity, and doesn't require additional hardware. Operators can quickly view and search archived video, whether located on-premises or in the cloud.

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