Stay connected to your security

Take Security Center with you anywhere you go with the Genetec Mobile app. Access your cameras, doors, and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) units, all in one place. Boost collaboration between field and desk operators, and extend your security system’s reach by turning your smartphone in a mobile camera that can record what’s happening at a moment’s notice.


A security app like no other

Security Center Mobile unifies both monitoring and command and control

Bring your entire system with you

With Genetec Mobile, you no longer need to alternate between siloed apps to access different components of your security system. Cameras, doors, ALPR units, alarms, and reports are all available from the same screen. This ensures you always have a clear picture of the situation.

Secure your Mobile Strategy with Security Center Mobile

See everything around you

Find what you are looking for, faster, with the map-based interface of Genetec Mobile. No need to scroll through long lists of buildings and units - a simple tap on a nearby device brings up live video feeds, door controls, and live license plate reads. With a swipe, you can access more tools, such as PTZ controls, timeline navigation, and reports.

Collaborate like never before

Turn your smartphone into a versatile security tool. Genetec Mobile lets you share your location with colleagues in the operations center in real-time. Built-in messaging allows you to communicate directly in your security interface and comprehensive sharing tools allow you to stay in sync with your team. Guards on patrol can stream video from their smartphone back to the control center, while operators can send quick links to live or recorded footage back.

Genetec Mobile at a glance


Genetec Mobile provides a unified, map-based experience that helps you see the cameras, doors, ALPR devices and colleagues that are near your position in a single glance. With faster access to live information and controls, in-app messaging and video sharing, it expands the reach of your security system. Discover how it helps you coordinate response between field and office personnel in our image gallery.

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Download Genetec Mobile

Genetec Mobile is compatible with Apple devices using iOS 11.0 and above, or Android devices using Android 6.0 and above. Click on the links below to download Genetec Mobile.

The Web Client

Use screenshot from the Web Client Feature Focus


Take control of your security system no matter your location with the Security Center web client. Monitor your security system while away from your workstation on an application that is compatible with multiple browsers. Monitor video surveillance, access control and ALPR events, control devices and create reports from anywhere.

Want to know if your browser is compatible with the Security Center web client? Consult the Security Center system requirements.