What's New in Security Center 5.6

With the latest release of the unified platform, the user experience is simplified, new access control and video integrations are available, and we've tightly coupled access control and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

Get a fluid web experience, no matter your location. Now embedded within the platform, deploy and manage unified web access with greater ease.

ALPR as a credential

AutoVu SharpV - Monitoring activities within your parking lot

Use License Plates as Credentials

Have you ever gotten stuck waiting behind someone who can’t find their badge at a parking gate? Those days will soon be gone. We have tightly coupled access control and ALPR so you can know which vehicles are accessing your facility. Once you deploy the new AutoVu™ SharpV ALPR camera as an access control reader, you can assign license plates (new credentials) to cardholders. You can then control access by defining access rights and monitoring activities within your parking lot.

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Unified Platform

Security Center - Web Client and Mobile Server

Web Client

Our new Web Client is designed with HTML5 so it will be compatible with most popular browsers and devices for added mobility. The web server is now embedded, making it easier for you to deploy and manage access. It supports more streams per individual server than ever, lowering your total cost of ownership. Your personnel save time by managing visitors and saving their camera layouts for quick access to the preferred view.


Passwords are one of the first defenses against cyber criminals. To improve your security, a password strength meter guides users when managing their passwords. We are also enforcing camera connectivity from devices deemed to introduce a higher level of cyber risk. As of version 5.6, less than secure devices identified in our Supported Device List will not connect without a “restricted camera” license.

Intrusion Monitoring on a Map

We made it easier to monitor the live status of intrusion areas from a map, which is color-coded for clarity. Your operators arm and disarm intrusion areas, and can trigger, silence, or acknowledge intrusion alarms.


Security Center - Web Client and Mobile Server

Mobile Server

Our Mobile Server supports up to 70% more streams on a single server. It also has adaptive resolution scaling so you can benefit from HD cameras and view scenes in more details on your mobile apps.

Plan Manager

Want to get an enhanced visualization experience? You can now move pop-up video tiles anywhere on a dynamic graphical map, resize and pin them as needed. You can also take full advantage of the rich layers of visual data available with ESRI ArcGIS maps. By layering additional information on top of your base maps, you give context to your data and gain insight into your world.

Support and Maintenance

Get enhanced support and security with the Genetec Update Service. Not only will you update the product remotely from a central location, but you can also view the live status of all remote servers and workstations.

Video Surveillance

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management

To control the outgoing bandwidth of remote sites, you can now limit the maximum bandwidth used for live and recorded video. By doing so, you lessen the impact of outgoing video and ensure it does not monopolize resources needed by other business applications.

On Demand Remote Recording

Recording video from remote cameras is now easier than ever. To do so, you simply have to manually trigger the “record” button in the Security Desk and the video will be stored on a local Auxiliary Archiver.

Archiver Transfer

Looking for a solution to address your long-term storage needs? We have the answer. Your protected video or video tagged to an incident can now be transferred to a dedicated Archiver.

Access Control

Enhancements to the Synergis™ System

Migrate from Software House to Synergis

To help you deploy a unified Genetec access control and video security strategy as affordably as possible, we now integrate the Mercury MS Bridge Series. This new platform delivers a direct, lower cost, board-for-board replacement option to swap out your existing Software House systems that rely on the Software House Pro Series hardware. Unification has never been easier.

It’s All About Having Options

We now support SimonsVoss hardware, such as the SmartIntego Digital Locking Cylinder, Smart Handle and Padlock. Supported through designated Mercury EP panels, this integration gives you more choice and means you can monitor your existing Synergis system alongside your SimonsVoss equipment.

Eliminate Unused Cards

To improve your security and deactivate unused access control credentials, you can now run an “unused credential” report and deactivate cards in batches. You can also print a report for future reference.


Enhancements to the Synergis™ System

Simplified Firmware Upgrades

Speed up your hardware upgrades with supported multi-device firmware updates. This is available with the Synergis™ Cloud Link and SMC appliances, as well as HID EDGE and VertX EVO controllers directly from the Config Tool, rather than connecting to each device separately.

Grow Your System, Affordably

We have made additional progress in allowing you to scale your access control infrastructure at a lower overall cost. Synergis now connects to up to 2,048 readers and locks per server, up from 1,024. This means less servers are required as your organization expands. Additionally, up to 250,000 offline cardholders are now synchronized to Mercury EP intelligent controllers, up from 99,000.


Do you need secure credential technology to protect against hacking or other attacks? DESFire EV1 cards are now deployed with greater ease. In a single step from the Cardholder Management task, you encode and enroll these secure and encrypted credentials and move away from less secure technology. We have also introduced Secure Mode connectivity, which delivers a more secure connection between Synergis software and HID EDGE and VertX EVO controllers.