Focus on your business, not your infrastructure

The Genetec™ Security Center SaaS edition lets you move to the cloud at your own pace.

Whether your system is deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or somewhere in between, the Security Center SaaS edition delivers a steady flow of innovation that provides ongoing value to help you focus on your business.

Why the SaaS edition?

Transition to the cloud.

Transition to the cloud.

Begin your move to the cloud at your own pace. The Security Center SaaS edition lets you deploy a fully hosted solution that can scale faster, secure your storage and reduce consumption and maintenance costs. Hybrid deployments combining on-premises infrastructure with cloud services are also supported.

Access the latest innovations.

Access the latest innovations.

The SaaS edition packages our most popular features in a single, easy to order subscription. With updates and support included, you can benefit from our proven track record of innovation to help protect your system from the latest threats.

Bring flexibility to your budget.

Bring flexibility to your budget.

Monthly or annual terms allow you to scale your system up or down as your needs change and pay only for what you use. Not only will you pay lower upfront costs, but you can free up capital and use that for other projects and simplify your budget with predictable payments.

Start your journey to the cloud by adding cloud services to any security system.

Deploy the SaaS edition your way

Fully hosted

The Security Center SaaS edition lets you move your access control and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) to the cloud. The Synergis™ SaaS edition makes it easier to deploy access control throughout an organization and allows you focus on what matters: securing the flow of people. With AutoVu™ Managed Services, our experts ensure your ALPR system maintains high uptime and is always up to date with the latest features.

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If you’re not ready to fully transition to the cloud, the Security Center SaaS edition lets you deploy some or all of your core components on-premises and enhances your security with value-added services in the cloud. This lets you move your central monitoring in the cloud, easily extend your storage, and move remote sites to video surveillance as a service, all while maintaining parts of your system on local infrastructure.

You can always get a taste of the cloud through our cloud services that can be added to any type of system, whether it’s installed locally or hosted.

Cloud services

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Value-added services

System Availability Monitor

System Availability Monitor

Help ensure the health of your security system with real-time information that helps identify and resolve issues. With an easy to use dashboard, you can centrally monitor your devices and health events across your business. All communications are encrypted with SSL and users must be authenticated to access this service.

Federation™-as-a-Service allows you to centralize monitoring operations

Genetec Update Service

The Genetec Update Service notifies you of any Security Center software updates including CU, SR, GA as well as Mobile Server and SDK updates. This service allows you to download software packages directly from Genetec and install them locally. The Genetec Update Service can also be installed on an external server that receives the updates and then distributes them to the internal network.