Connect Anywhere at Any Time

Security Center provides users with remote access to their unified security platform through a suite of mobile and web apps. No matter their location, personnel can view live or recorded video, control PTZ cameras, and review access control events and system alarms. Mobile and web access extends the ability to react to any situation and to remain connected to Security Center no matter your location.

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Security Perspectives

Security Center Mobile unifies both monitoring and command and control

A Unified App Approach

Unification is key when designing mobile and web apps for today’s security professionals. Dedicated apps for each security system can be cumbersome and ineffective if operators need to jump from one app to the other. A single app that unifies both monitoring and key command and control is more efficient than dedicated apps. Users in the field can view and respond to events and alarms with more information at their disposal and a clearer perspective of their security environment.

Secure your Mobile Strategy with Security Center Mobile

A Secure Mobile Strategy

Similar to desktop applications, mobile and web apps are prone to cyber-attacks. In defining your mobile strategy, advanced encryption for communications and video streaming, user authentication, and detailed authorization mechanisms need to be available to ensure that hackers do not get access to your data. In addition, the ability to pull user and device activity reports and remotely disconnect devices will equip you with additional tools to safeguard against loss or theft.

Your Preferred Devices

Because of the variety of smartphones, tablets, and web browsers on the market, mobile and web apps must be able to adapt to your preferred devices and browsers. With many organizations standardizing on specific brands of devices, apps that are not supported across multiple platforms may impact an organization’s flexibility when it comes time to migrate to another device or security vendor. Choosing the right mobile and web apps today will guarantee you are not limited in the future.

Mobile Apps

Security Center unifies access control and video tasks within a single app

Unified Security

Security Center Mobile apps unify access control and video tasks within a single app so you don’t have to work with multiple applications. From live monitoring of video and access control to reporting and alarm management, the Mobile apps gives you access to Security Center while you are on the move.

Key Features*

  • View video, control PTZ cameras, add bookmarks, and save snapshots
  • Monitor access control events with cardholder picture and associated video
  • Remotely unlock doors and manage unlocking schedules
  • Stream video from a remote device to Security Center servers
  • Monitor failed logins and device activity, and identify restricted devices
  • Manage threat levels in response to changing security conditions

*Will vary by vendor

Get real-time alarm notifications with the Mobile app

Real-Time Alarm Management

Even when your Apple or Android mobile app is closed, you continue to receive instant push notifications for active alarms. With this capability, the Mobile apps ensure that you get real-time alarm notifications. Then, you can quickly open up the application, review the alarm, and acknowledge or snooze it directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Smartphones become mobile surveillance cameras with Security Center Mobile

Greater Reach

When responding to an incident or carrying out a routine activity, Security Center Mobile apps can double as remote cameras. In areas with little to no video coverage, your smartphone instantly becomes a mobile surveillance device that can stream video to either be recorded or monitored live by your security team sitting in your operations center.

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Web Client

Use screenshot from the Web Client Feature Focus

A Thin Client for Everyday Security Operations

The Security Center web client helps you take control of your security system, no matter your location. Monitor your security system while away from your workstation on an application that is compatible with multiple browsers. Access core video surveillance and access control functionality, such as controlling PTZ cameras, viewing reports and managing visitors.

Key Features

  • Unified video and access control
  • Control PTZ Cameras
  • Bookmark video of interest
  • Manage system alarms
  • Remotely unlock doors
  • Manage cardholders
  • Manage threat levels
  • Support for H.264 streaming
  • No additional plugins or software required