Securing the future of public transit

Today’s fast-paced public transit systems are focused on keeping everyone safe and on schedule. As a result, public transit agencies are tasked with developing and maintaining the most efficient operations and processes to provide passengers with positive experiences in a secure environment.

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Because closed proprietary systems do not allow public transit personnel quick and easy access to onboard data, they can endanger passenger safety and security. Public transit agencies need to improve onboard safety, decrease response times to incidents, and reduce maintenance costs. Open architecture IP-based solutions allow for live looks onboard as well as cellular or WIFI offloading of video.

Platforms & stations

Platforms & stations

Ensuring station and platform safety while providing positive travel experiences requires smart planning, a resilient infrastructure, an investment in technology, and an open architecture approach to security. With a physical security solution that centralizes data collection, your security personnel can more effectively monitor and access any situation. This allows you to unify the disparate platforms and stations throughout your transit system.



Public transit facilities, including administrative buildings, bus depots, and train yards, house a lot of valuable equipment. You can effectively safeguard your property and equipment by investing in a physical security system that unifies video surveillance with access control. As a result, you will be able to minimize false liability claims, prevent vandalism, and reduce damage to your extensive property.

Keep passengers moving

Deliver a safe, secure environment

Deliver a safe, secure environment

Maintaining a secure transit environment means ensuring passenger safety in stations and on vehicles. When transit and security personnel manage operations from a single platform, they have easy access to all the data being collected in your physical security system. With this bird’s-eye-view of your environment, they can respond quickly and knowledgably to any incidents as they arise.

Provide positive passenger experiences

Provide positive passenger experiences

To improve flow-through and predictability, as well as reduce stress, you need to guide people through your stations as quickly and painlessly as possible. Providing the best passenger experience means being able to see what is occurring throughout your stations and platforms at all times. This allows you to help move passengers smoothly and to handle threats or disruptions effectively.

Prepare for the future

Prepare for the future

As the population shifts to urban centers and bedroom communities, the number of people using public transit will continue to rise at an incredible rate. The key to future success is laying the infrastructure and system ground-work now that will allow you to provide the service and security your future passengers will require. With a flexible, open platform, you can upgrade your system, add more cameras, and integrate other devices as your transit environment grows.

"Omnicast onboard our buses has definitely made our jobs easier, and has been an invaluable tool to law enforcement."


Solutions for public transit

Comprehensive unified security

Have a complete picture at all times of your perimeter, stations, platforms, and transit vehicles by managing all your systems from a single open security solution. Learn more about Genetec Security Center.

Scalable video management

With real-time access to video and data from both fixed and onboard systems, public transit agencies can understand and protect their people, operations, assets, and environments. Learn more about Security Center Omnicast™

Intelligent incident management

When your security system sends all events and alarms to operators, security personnel can quickly access nearby cameras to see what is happening and follow procedures to handle any incident. Learn more about Genetec Mission Control™.

Collaborative investigation management

Significantly reduce investigation times and minimize false liability claims by deploying a case management system that facilitates the storage and distribution of digital evidence from cameras and other devices. Learn more about Genetec Clearance™.

Cloud services

The long evidence retention times required for liability claims can be costly. Public transit agencies can realize significant savings by archiving digital evidence in the Cloud. Learn more about Genetec Security Center cloud services.

Automatic license plate recognition

With automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology, public transit agencies can offer passengers additional services, including online space booking and occupation measuring. Learn more about Security Center AutoVu™.


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County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS)

County of Lackawanna Transit System implements the Omnicast IP video surveillance system at new transit center to enhance remote monitoring and tenant operations.

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Calgary Light Rail Transit System

The City of Calgary’s Light Rail Transit System Employs Genetec’s Omnicast Video Surveillance Platform to Keep Passengers Safe.

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