Unified security solutions for the transit industry

Genetec Security Center

Security Center is a unified security platform from Genetec that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify transit operations. From video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition to fleet monitoring, intrusion detection, and analytics, Security Center empowers your staff with unified command and control. Learn more about Security Center.

Security Center for transit industry

Security Center Omnicast

The Security Center Omnicast™ IP video management system (VMS) provides transit agencies of all sizes the confidence of knowing that their video is recording. Through deep, open support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders, and CCTV equipment, the Omnicast system scales and adapts to the changing demands of your transit environment. Learn more about Omnicast.

Security Center Synergis

The Security Center Synergis™ IP access control system (ACS) heightens your transit agency’s security by building on a secure architecture. This gives your cardholders confidence while leveraging any existing network and third party access control devices. Learn more about Synergis.

Security Center AutoVu

The Security Center AutoVu™ automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system automates license plate reading and identification. This makes it easier for your parking management team to enforce parking restrictions by locating and counting vehicles of interest like buses, taxis, and car-sharing services. Learn more about AutoVu.


Genetec solutions for the transit industry

Security Center Fleet Monitoring

Security Center Fleet Monitoring provides a unified, non-proprietary experience, to configure and interact with the different devices onboard each vehicle of your fleet that provides live video, GPS localization, and vehicle telematics. Learn more about Security Center Fleet Monitoring.

Security Center Restricted Security Area

Rely on multiple intrusion detection technologies (radar, LiDar, fence intrusion detection, video analytics, drone detection, etc.) to detect trespassers in restricted areas to strengthen tunnel, vehicle, commuter, and staff safety. Automatically tracked on geographical maps, moving targets are displayed intuitively to allow security personnel to assess and respond to threats in less time. Learn more about Security Center Restricted Area Surveillance.

Security Center Digital Sign Management

Security Center Digital Sign Management gives you tools to centrally control your message signs while linking them to information collected in a unified platform. This allows you to push useful or critical data to message signs that inform your commuters of ETAs and emergencies.

Mission Control

Mission Control

Mission Control

Genetec Mission Control™ is a collaborative decision management system that empowers your transit agency to move beyond simple event and alarm management. Thousands of sensors and security devices collect and qualify data to identify complex situations and incidents. Once identified, the system launches a response that allows operators to follow transit-specific processes and meet compliance requirements. Learn more about Mission Control.


Genetec Clearance

Genetec Clearance

Genetec Clearance™ is a collaborative investigation management system that can help speed up investigations byallowing you to securely collect, manage, and share evidence from different sources with stakeholders within and outside your agency. Learn more about Clearance.

Genetec Streamvault

Genetec Streamvault

Genetec Streamvault™ is a line of turnkey security infrastructure solutions that range from workstations to fully furnished servers and hardened onboard computers for your vehicle fleet. These devices provide you with a secure, reliable, and certified foundation for your agency to deploy Genetec solutions. Learn more about Streamvault.



Extend your security with SIP-based communications. Manage incoming and outgoing calls with intercom devices, and collaborate with colleagues through embedded audio and video calls. Learn more about Security Center Sipelia.

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Who benefits

Control Room Operator

Physical security manager

Minimizes response times through an intuitive, unified security system that uses data from all security sensors to mitigate risk and provide guided responses to events, based on standard operating procedures.

Operations manager

Operations manager

Improves daily planning, scheduling, and reporting by benefiting from a unified interface that eliminates data, system, and process silos, allowing for efficient resource allocation. 

Vehicle maintenance manager

Vehicle maintenance manager

Promotes fleet health by ensuring proper, timely maintenance is provided by leveraging data collected in real-time from in-vehicle sensors. Leveraging wireless data transfers from vehicles also streamlines data and video extraction 

Director of I.T

Director of IT

Ensures continuous delivery and improvement of security technology, while securing the privacy of data and reducing overall physical and electronic vulnerabilities to infrastructure.

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