Bank of Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of the largest government-owned banks in Indonesia. Recently, BRI chose Security Center Synergis™ IP access control system to manage 114 doors at the headquarters and implement a one-card application for employees.

The company

Bank of Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of the largest government-owned banks in Indonesia. Incorporated in 1895, BRI was originally established in Purwokerto, Central Java, as a financial institution serving the people of Indonesian nationality. Today, BRI has over 10,000 outlets serving 30 million retail clients and a growing corporate clientele. BRI’s headquarters are located in Jakarta and serve as the center of their national operations in a state-of-the-art 35-story building.

The challenge

BRI places a very high importance on security; not only to ensure its proprietary business information stays safe but also to protect employees and visiting clients. With the aim of enhancing its headquarter security, BRI was looking to expand its physical access control system. The existing door security was basic and could not accommodate their plans for enterprise-wide access control. BRI wanted an open access control system that could integrate well with various technologies and systems in the future.

“Security Center met all of our needs in terms of system functionalities within our budget. It also gave us the flexibility to leverage advanced card technology for a unique one-card application.”


Mr. Yusuf, Head of Security, BRI


Today, BRI uses Security Center to manage 114 doors throughout the headquarters, securing access to server room areas, offices and VIP guest locations. HID Global VertX® controllers and readers were chosen to secure all doors. The Synergis IP access control system is also managing 12 tripod barrier gates at the main entrances of the headquarters. The security department is exploring some time and attendance applications using the Synergis system too.

At BRI, the BRIZZI payment card serves multiple functions including a prepaid debit card for purchases and for road tolls from merchants who are affiliated with the bank. The flexibility of the access control system allowed BRI to ensure employees could use the 32-bit smartcard to make payments and to access various areas of the office building. “It’s easier for our employees who now only have to carry one card,” said Yusuf.

The solution

Support for one-card applications

BRI was able to leverage the flexibility of the system and the hardware to use a 32-bit smartcard, known as the BRIZZY payment card, for employee access credentials as well.

Quick cardholder enrollment

Restricting employee access to certain areas and floors was easy. BRI pre-assigned specific access control privileges to cardholder groups for quick enrollment.

Efficient access control reporting

Running monthly reports on visitor access, events and system health has become routine for the BRI security team. During investigations, the reports also offer a clear timeline of incidents.

Simple visitor management

“The enrollment process for our visitors is quick and easy, and having the ability to assign access control rights ensures our most vulnerable areas will always be secure,” said Yusuf.

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