Toy Storage offers 64 garage units for sale to people who need extra space for leisure vehicles in Denver, Colorado, United States. Recently, the company decided to upgrade to the Genetec Stratocast™ cloud-based video solution. Now, the team has easy access to video from anywhere.

The company

Toy Storage is not your average storage site. Located in Denver, Colorado, United States, the company offers 64 individual garage units for sale to people who need extra space for large-scale items such as recreational and leisure vehicles. Mostly, owners use the garage space to keep motor homes, boats, four wheelers, rally cars, and other vehicles safe and protected from the elements. Owners can come on site and access their storage space and the common facilities at any time, ensuring convenience for all. Toy Storage reinforces property security with 24/7 video surveillance, so owners know their valuables are always protected.

The challenge

With high-value items on site, Toy Storage requires superior security. Should an incident occur, the board of directors needs to quickly find out what happened. In the past, retrieving video from an older analog system was anything but speedy. Someone had to go on site, sit at a monitor connected to a DVR, and look through recordings to find evidence. Sometimes, this process took hours. Grainy images were also problematic for the team who often couldn’t make out details in a video frame. Over time, things got worse as cameras began failing. They wanted a modern surveillance system that could provide easier access to higher-resolution video.

“It’s an absolute advantage to have a cloud-based video solution. Whether I am on my PC at home, or on-the-go using my phone, I can manage the Stratocast system from anywhere.”


Terry Lewand, Board Member, Toy Storage


Today, board members access video from anywhere using their phones or laptops. Toy Storage chose the Stratocast cloud-based video monitoring system as recommended by their security integrator, Secure View. During a pilot project, the board experienced how easy and reliable the Stratocast system was. Retrieving video took minutes, not hours, no matter where they were. When they found out how affordable the security solution was, they were sold.

Secure View bundled installation, configuration, software, and hardware into a low monthly subscription fee. Toy Storage also selected their own cameras, which provide 180-degree views and excellent resolution. Now, if anything happens, the board is ready to take quick action. “The Stratocast solution is a great option for small businesses because of the system’s ease-of-use and affordable cost,” said Lewand.

The solution

Finding evidence quickly

Board members can easily check in on the site or pull up live video to see if anything unusual is happening. Video records on motion and each recording is bookmarked for easy retrieval.

An affordable bundled option

"The only equipment onsite is the camera. We can access the video from our phone, extra support is included, and all we pay is a monthly fee—it’s huge,” said Lewand.

One-day installation

Since there were no servers to install, Secure View was able to get the cloud video system up and running in one day. After installing the cameras, the system setup was complete in minutes.

Open to change

“With the Stratocast system, we had the flexibility to choose cameras which provided the right balance between resolution and cost,” said Lewand.

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