Cornhusker Bank has served the personal and business banking needs of Lincoln, Nebraska for over 100 years. Recently, the Bank enhanced its security operations by implementing the Security Center unified platform at six locations, including the technology center.

The company

Established over 100 years ago, Cornhusker Bank has been committed to serving the personal and business banking needs of Lincoln, Nebraska. This privately-owned bank has six locations throughout the city, a technology center, and three part-time offices in local retirement residences. Entrusted with the financial assets and daily transactions of its customers, Cornhusker Bank implements strict security policies and takes every measure to protect its establishments, patrons, and associates from harm, theft, or scams.

The challenge

Over time, surveillance systems changed, and as technology improved, the bank found itself with a mix of older analog and newer IP video systems installed across its locations. Although the systems were working, some equipment and technology were becoming obsolete. This was an opportunity to implement a better, more unified long-term strategy across all facilities. The bank wanted to consolidate video management and access control under a single platform and be able to centrally monitor all facilities.

“Security Center is a reliable and centralized platform that helps us manage most aspects of security. Not only can we look at video, but we can also monitor who is coming and going.”


Royce Jeffries, Vice President of Security and Risk Management, Cornhusker Bank


Today, Security Center has been installed at six bank locations, including the technology center. Security Center Omnicast™ video management system monitors over 100 cameras across all sites. Security Center Synergis™ access control system, secures, manages, and tracks all access to the doors within the bank’s technology center, sensitive areas of the main branch, and access to their datacenter.

Upgrading from locks and keys to an IP access control system helps Cornhusker Bank realize tighter control over branch access. Another major advantage for the bank is having all security information under one platform. All access control data is tied to video and the unified view helps to speed up investigations. Moving forward, the platform’s flexibility ensures the bank can keep enhancing security across all its facilities, one branch at a time.

The solution

One unified security view

“We can see everything from one platform. Rather than logging on and off different systems to find information, all our sites are easily accessible from one interface,” said Jeffries.

Better bank door security

The bank set both a proximity card and PIN authentication for employees to gain access to the locations. If a card is lost or stolen, each facility is still protected by a PIN code entry.

Improved police collaboration

The bank often assists law enforcement by pulling video for other crimes around the facilities. “The police love the quality of our video,” says Jeffries.

Quick mobile app viewing

In case an intrusion alarm goes off, the security team can quickly log on to the system from an iPad or laptop to assess the scene and determine the need for law enforcement.

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